How often should I  have my piano tuned?

  • For a new piano, recommended that the piano is tuned four times the first year.
  • For a home piano that is played less than two hours a day, tuning twice a year is a good idea.
  • For pianos that are played more than 10 hours a week more frequent tuning is necessary.

What factors contribute to having a piano tuned more frequently?

  • Changes or fluxuation in temperature or humidity.
  • Pianos placed under direct sunlight or above or below air vents.
  • Use.

What can I do to reduce the effects of seasonal changes?

  • Install a whole-house humidifier to keep humidity stable.
  • Install a piano humidity control system, such as the Piano Life Saver system by Dampp-Chaser Corporation.

How can I clean or sanitize my piano?

  • The two places that are most often touched on your piano are the case (wood body) and the keys. Since the type of finish on the case and the key material are different from piano to piano, if you want to know the strongest disinfectant chemicals you can use, check with your piano dealer or piano technician (someone who has seen your piano).
  • Generally, I recommend the following:
    • Wipe down the case of the piano with a damp cloth of water and dish soap. 
    • Wipe down the keys of the piano with a damp cloth of a 50%/50% solution of isopropyl alcohol and water.