When should I consider having my piano restored or rebuilt?

Just like appliances in your home, pianos have components that wear out from both use and age. For a piano that is well maintained (at least yearly cleaning and tuning) with an average amount of playing time you can typically expect:

  • Action (including hammers)- regulation every 5 years; parts replacement after major wear or when touch or tone changes.
  • Strings – replacement every 15-30 years. Colorado’s low humidity allows this time to be longer than in other areas.
  • Pin block – replacement every 15-30 years.
  • Sound board –  Colorado’s dry environment leads to more cracking than other locations. For small cracks, the sound board can be shimmed and refinished. For excessive cracking or poor sound, a sound board replacement is recommended.
  • Plate – never needs replacement.
  • Case, pedals, desk –  cosmetic changes on individual bases.

Why contact Hebert Piano Services for your project?

David Hebert has been restoring pianos since 1994. He has been trained by Yamaha and Fazioli and has visited Bluthner and Mason & Hamlin piano factories. His study of how pianos are produced gives him a unique perspective on the restoration process. He also follows all the latest trends in piano manufacturing and restoration.

When we discuss your piano rebuilding process we start with your individual goals. Are you trying to recreate its original sound or improve the tone quality? How do you want the key touch to feel? By selecting the right materials as well as the exact installation of these materials your piano can become the piano of your dreams.

David is known in the piano community as “the fixer”. When you consider that the modern piano has been manufactured for approximately 150 years by over 30 manufacturers it’s rare to find two pianos that are exactly the same. When other piano technicians need ideas or a fresh perspective on their rebuilding projects they often contact David for advice or to partner on the job. By coming directly to the source you get the highest quality piano restoration.

Beyond David’s extensive piano knowledge he is passionate about wood and woodworking.  His attention to every detail in woodworking carries over in his piano projects.

Contact us today to learn more about our piano restoration process and discuss the opportunities of improving your piano sound or play-ability.